About AIKA

Welcome to the green team

We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2013

AIKA is a new brand start-up since 2013 to serve green nature lovers by providing them creative gardening tools that will help you to craft, realize and maintain the garden of your dreams.

This greening ideas is founded upon the premise that concerns about environmental sustainability will grow immensely in importance within the next few years and community can do more in greening your environment to create a more livable future for our next generation.

This product known as AIKA green wall system is designed to provide green nature lovers the structure to build and to craft the gardens of their liking within their homes. Using highly robust and environment friendly materials, our system’s modular design enables gardeners to build either horizontal or vertical green wall inside or outside of their house.


Designed for the water reuse, AIKA green wall helps you to converse water loss while functioning as a green house to oxygenate your home while naturally cooling it in addition to beautify your house with nature’s creation. These green walls also help to clean air pollutants, turning your house into a healthier environment for children or the elderly to live in.

Vertical Garden Installation

As we all know that environmental problems are getting serious day by day. As human being we are responsible to improve our environment and not making it worse.

AIKA Vertical Garden (green wall) system allows every citizen to have their little garden by D-I-Y. This economic product is easily design,install and maintain.

Let us put a little effort in saving our earth now


Complete with timer, water pump and diverter. Optional accessories, image Acrylic Frame




Optional accessories, water pump, timer, water divert and image Acrylic Frame




DIY outdoor vertical garden set. 1 Frame and 6 Pots in a set