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AIKA have what it takes to enable you to plant your own flower and herb, inside or outside of your home or business premise. Practical, easy to use and maintain, It is suitable for organic food enthusiast, hobbyist and commercial purposes.

Products And Solutions To Green Your Environment

AIKA’s core product serves as a platform structure for house owner who wishes to build or erect green walls inside or outside of their house.

1. Versatile Modular System

AIKA’s vertical garden modular is suitable on every different shape, size and material of wall. Allow you to customize your garden design.

2. Design

Design your garden base on any space, shape and herbs you like. AIKA’s vertical garden system is suitable for both indoor & outdoor. A good design garden can make you happier every single day.

3. Auto Watering

Design for water reuse, AIKA green wall helps to conserve water loss by its ”dripping” function. When water from the pot above or the highest is dripping down, all the plants receives their share.

4. Maintain

After fixing the AIKA FRAME on the wall, all maintenance work only needs to remove the flower pot from the frame, after process the planting and then put the flower pot back into the frame.

5. Green Environment

These Vertical Garden help to clean air pollutants, turning your house into a healthier environment for everyone to live in.

We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2013


AIKA is a new brand start-up since 2013 to serve green nature lovers by providing them creative gardening tools that will help you to craft, realize and maintain the garden of your dreams.

This greening ideas is founded upon the premise that concerns about environmental sustainability will grow immensely in importance within the next few years and community can do more in greening your enviroment to create a more livable future for our next generation.

Our Work

We believe vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens.

Customer Review

We care about user experience. We study and improve our products allowing greening lover to create more beautiful and creative ideas for their garden. Let’s watch the review video from one of our customer.


Watch this video to understand how AIKA green wall (vertical garden) auto watering system works.

DIY your

Quality Gardening now

AIKA’s  core product serves as platform structure for house owners who wishes to build or erect green walls inside and outside of their house. Equipped with core features such as automatic watering function and its ability to re-use its water, you are assured your plants will receive adequate water care (even fertilizing) when you have to be away from your precious plant or garden. With AIKA’s green wall, you can conserve water losses, create your ecosystem to oxygenate, to cool your home while naturally beautifying it. A greener environment will raise the value of your property.


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